How is the zipper sewn on the clothes?

    When in sewing zippers, we need to do some preparation in advance, so that we can get better results. In the zipper, zipper, according to their needs, the length is different, no matter how much is the required length, suggested that the selected zipper length length slightly longer than the actual need, after installed zipper to remove excess parts.

    Before loading zipper, had better be in the part of the zipper on some hot adhesive lining, especially when sewing light weight or not solid fabric, use about 1 inch wide, length, and the zipper mouth long thin adhesive lining, will be of great help for sewing effect and appearance.


    Stealth is a both easy and quick method of zipper, because they don’t need to false track line and line of the front car, use invisible zipper presser foot, it can train to as much as possible close to the zipper teeth, so as to look from the front like a zipper “disappear” invisible effect in pieces.

    Sew the pieces before you install the zipper, zipper and to extract the zipper before, with low temperature iron out the wrinkles in zipper teeth as far as possible, not closed in with zip zip.

    Invisible zipper can use two kinds of presser foot, is a kind of unilateral presser foot, the other is a grooved presser foot, presser foot when loading notice, unilateral presser foot to make the edge of the needle against the presser foot, using grooved presser foot, will make for the gap of middle presser foot, make the zipper teeth run in the groove.

    Filling my zipper, installed on the left side of the zipper, first from the top to the bottom of the car until the end of a zipper, again from the bottom of the start, the zipper on the other side of the car, pay attention to the highly consistent, car zipper stitch as far as possible close to the zipper teeth, car to the appropriate location, then completed pieces of logic.


    Pieces of 5/8 of an inch seam, and sewn together with a false line series zipper mouth, hot slotted, again place closed zipper is faced with good seam the reverse of the paper, make the edge of the zipper on the right side of the cloth with pieces seam edge alignment. With seam of 1/4 inch seam zipper cloth and paper, must be careful, don’t live pieces, then put the zipper flip to the front, as near to the fake stitching along the false suture or car and the other side of the zipper, then open the fabric, make heads are measured.2d pattern, from the bottom of the zipper front car 3/8 of an inch wide open wire to the top, then removed the false stitches.

    Doing so will make the zipper smoothly stitching on garment piece and not leave a gap. Advice began to stitch as close to the end of the zipper, and then use the manual closing a gap, or with a machine completely suture, or use zipper presser foot closed as much as possible in order to achieve the effect.