How to solve the problem of bad nylon zipper pull ?

    Nylon zipper is the fittings to items merger or separation, the zipper is bad, how to do? Nowadays a lot of zipper used in clothing, bags, tents, etc., awkward, some impatient people will soon become irritable.

zipper and zipper puller manufacturers suppliersHow to solve the problem of bad nylon zipper pull?

1, zip exploded after himself, this kind of problem because of the pull head for too long, increasing the diameter of if you want to temporary solution, with the forceps to clamp the head to tail, which is good, pay attention to is the tail, but should pay attention to don’t be too hard or partial, if want to completely solve the pull head replaced.

2, sometimes chain head biting segment or cloth and make the pull head motionless, under the condition of opening and closing the zipper. If it is strong to pull the pull head is bit more deep, should on the one hand to pull back, on the one hand, the fabric was able to solve. Bite in completely, do not use strong pull pull head, please pull head slowly back. And the seam with zipper, don’t leave hidden trouble.

3, if the head drive chain, opening and closing is not smooth, teeth, bite fault happens. At this point with paraffin or lubricant spray coating on tooth appearance and inside, and then after several mobile pull head slide easily.

4, if closed zipper, things too much zipper on the bag. Zipper force is too big, can make the teeth out of band. In zipper fault, this is a serious, bring about tooth closer, head easily through the closed chain zipper. Best is to put the things in the bag take out part of, don’t pack too full.