How to screen buttons

1, no pattern of plain clothing on the button

Is generally the same color as the fabric. When the color of the cloth is lighter, the correct choice of button method has two kinds, one is the choice and cloth exactly the same color, the color of cloth has played a role; the other is to choose a slightly thicker cloth color, so that the fabric color emphasis and echo effect will be better.

When the number of buttons on the clothing more, choose the color of the button can be slightly lighter than the color of the clothes.

, of course, but also the pursuit of decorative effect of the clothes, the color of the button can do is not the same as the color cloth, even becoming the complementary color, but also in a garment equipped with multiple colors button.

2, with the hair on the side or stitched with a line of clothing on the top of the button

In the pattern of plain cloth to make clothes, often designed hair trim or stitching line edging. At this point, the color of the dress button is the same as the color of the decorative edge. Because, buttons and decorative edge is also an important factor in the design of clothing, the relationship is to mutual response. If you want to highlight the decorative edge and reduce the attention of people’s attention, you can also use the same button with the same color cloth.

3, flower or lattice buttons on clothing

When the cloth is generally conspersa or a common color, lattice, button color should be in color. You can choose the color of the most used colors as the button color, this color will be the most insurance, will not cause any problem. In addition, in the summer of clothing to the design of the main points, so button selection is also a lot of white.

4, color stitching, but the color of the same amount of clothing on the button

In the multi color mosaic of clothing, if the color of the component is equal, then give the choice of buttons to bring some difficulties. The most basic way is to choose one of the color in the stitching, which is the color of the button, and the specific choice of which, according to their own preferences. Generally choose bright color can make clothing is more lively, and the choice of heavy color, dark will to clothing to sedate sense, sinking feeling. Summer shirt, dress is often multi color stitching, but also can choose the white button.

5, a variety of contrast color stitching on the button

In a very large color combination design, the color of the area is sometimes very small, but it is very eye-catching. At this point, you can feel the color buttons on the clothes, in accordance with the final effect and determine the color of the button. This is one of the most basic methods, and it is the most feasible method.

But in actual operation, often because the determining factor is numerous, complex, so it can be used directly the competition method to be tested, the button to select the points is considered button color and clothing color match, whether the material matched, shape is quite.