How to repair the bad zipper puller

    Components of zipper, zipper puller played the two zipper closure of interlocking effect, if the zipper puller is broken, so the whole zipper will not work.zipper and zipper puller manufacturers suppliers

    Zipper puller is closely related to our life, all kinds of clothing with a rich variety of zipper puller appearance. Especially for some of the more upscale clothing, unique zipper puller does provide clothes to increase the overall appearance of rich color and personality. If inadvertently zipper puller is broken, it is a very troublesome thing, because according to different clothes, the zipper puller have different collocation, if can get a new one may not find it. At this point the only effective solution is to fix the myself, may be able to come up with characteristics. Just look at the below zipper head common solution of the problem. First take a look at the basic component of zipper head, it is the pull, pull pills, zipper lock ontology as well as the zipper lock head and so on several important parts. Pull-in function is used to drag the zipper head, pull is the role of piece of lock piece combination with zipper ontology, zipper lock head of important role is to prevent the zipper head for drag and drop in non-human cases caused by external force other zipper head slide,

Two zipper zipper is used in the role of ontology for interlocking.

Pull the damage repair methods

When pulled accidentally damaged, the best solution is to find a spare zippers, pull the piece to be removed, and then install to the new zipper. Actually this time the most critical part is to pull piece of disassembling method, with the tip of the screwdriver or other tool to old zipper pull piece of hand picked, then recommend the drop-down lock, installation drawing for a little while, too, when the pull-in installed and then pull it on a piece of in situ buckle back zipper lock ontology. Of course, in the case of emergency, use a thin wire directly through the lock and zippers ontology between holes, and the wire ends intertwined, can also be a moment.

La lock damage solution

When the pull-in locked inadvertently lost or damaged, for no zipper lock head of zipper, can be directly to pull away, and then use directly. For containing the zipper lock head of zipper, you will need to remove the zipper lock head before they can be used again. In view of the zipper head to the solution of two zipper lock using pliers to pull the basket body up and down surface of trace extrusion, make the gap smaller, thus the chain will win a few more days. If the effect is not obvious, the method will be tight front zipper ontology for the processing, the effect will be better. For zipper loose body appear rupture, such as failure, recommend replacing new zipper. Or to the special zipper maintenance repair.