How to match the curtains lace

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Lace is not only modified clothing a supplementary material, at the same time it is also one of the commonly used supplementary material of the curtain. Lace factory custom curtain, the choice and making lace is often the most struggle, lace style is various, lace not only need with the curtain fabrics photograph humorous, also need to match with shade head properly, in order to lock the whole style of the curtain in the end. Lace collocation errors, will make the most beautiful fabrics have become overshadowed; And lace collocation is proper, can for the bedroom graces many.

1, oblique yarn

Black and white silk ear lace up of slash completely changed the founder of the curtain impression.

2, fold style lace

Adopted the sweet drape style lace, combined with golden beads, simple yet colorful.

3, ribbon and glass beads

The luster of the ribbon mix the delicate, transparent beads different colour areas highlighted in the shade.

4, undulating lace

This is a simple style of lace, but adornment effect is used to the side of the curtain has distinguishing feature very much, is suitable for use in a variety of fabrics.

5, lace and echo of the curtain as a whole

The lace on the fabric and color and the shade is very echo.

6, lace and the band of the harmonious collocation

This kind of lace shape and material is very common, after dealing with the fine lace with band very collocation, and tie beam with random way more natural harmony.

7, crystal glass beads

Crystal glass beads at the bottom of the shade head ornament, added clever beauty for the curtain of light brown.

8, glass beads

Outside the curtain on the use of decorative glass series have strong female temperament, suitable for the bedroom curtains.

9, parallel wire

Dark silk fringe edge curtain ornament, in the form of parallel lines, draw the outline of the area of the different fabrics splicing, and outside the curtain at the bottom of the lace echo.

10, outside the curtain lace

Dot design is never go out of style with the same size of cloth art design, cooperate with the shade of the same quality of a material is cotton and linen fabrics, appear very casual, added a few minutes of romantic and warm feeling.