How to maintain zipper ?

Zippers have used many parts of the clothing, zipper can be installed in the jacket of the cloth, the front of men’s trousers, all kinds of pocket and clothing a measure the variable parts, etc. These zipper instead of buttons, buckle, not only beautiful is more important is very convenient.

zipper and zipper puller manufacturers suppliersClothing on the zipper is to use everyday, scientifically use can prolong the service life of the zipper, then auxiliary network of small make up to introduce how to use and the zipper on the protective clothing.

When pull zipper, must first be near to the top must be aligned on both sides of the tooth, then grabbed the zipper head along the orbit gently pull, pull, don’t too hard. In mobile zipper head to pay attention to don’t to skirt or edge and sundry twisted into the zipper, lest cause teeth askew, broken belly, take off the phenomenon such as tooth. If pull zipper send acerbity, not easily, don’t be hard to pull, can be coated zipper with some wax or soap, can pull.

Zipper there are basically three types: metal, nylon and plastic zippers. For aluminum or copper zipper, use and preservation in the process of careful not to be affected with damp be affected with damp, do not contact with alkaline and acidic, so as to avoid metal teeth, oxidation of be affected with damp be affected with damp be corrosion. For nylon and plastic zipper should pay attention to prevent heat, so as to avoid deformation. Due to its wear resistance, hardness, strength, and other than metal zipper, metal zipper more than when using carefully, must to teeth gently pull.

If the zipper malfunction during use, must be repaired in a timely manner. Metal zipper teeth or skewed off wait for a phenomenon, can get rid of the bad tooth, supplement the new tooth, still can use; When pull zipper head, on both sides of teeth is not closed, this suggests that the zipper head wear loose backwardness, ordinary pliers are available in the closed end of the zipper head transverse gently clip, zipper is get better immediately, both sides teeth closed tight, no longer loose. If the zipper head, clamping force is too large, must be reworked; Some zippers are two head off tooth, tooth parts can be take off, move into the zipper head, needle and thread fixed end still can continue to use; If the zipper teeth and zipper head are not metal, broken beyond repair, had to be updated