How to judge the quality of the woven label

When we get the woven label, how should discern the quality of the woven label, computer woven label as the label is to machine, wood shuttle machine or crochet machine made, it is to belong to plane or forging surface, is a hook edge or selvage.

custom woven labels1, both sides eager, has a dark side, not smooth, is a computer woven label machine (also called the trimmer) woven label woven lable cutting edges.

2, soft and smooth on both sides (weaving edge is directly on the machine), on both sides of back filling movements have “little tail” phenomenon, for wood shuttle woven label.

3, “little tail” to label on the back (or below) on the back, is a crochet machine. Crochet machine and wood shuttle resembling, mainly are wooden spindle machine, two side hook label trademarks and fine, coarse, or from one side; Wood shuttle woven label is woven lable weft can always coherent, parallel, crochet machine parallel to the edge of smoking.

Computer woven label trademark has the branch of plane, forging surface

Plane can be divided into: 1, single, usually for ordinary washing standard, landmarks, measurement standard (low cost); More than 2, double standard: used for main mark and side mark (that are more significant than plane bright color, LOGO, weft density twice of the plane). 3, Bai Ping: the base of shallow Bai Ping (such as pink, yellow, blue); 4, deep color with black flat (such as coffee, deep purple, dark blue)

Forging surface can be divided into:

Don’t covered on the back: the back filling is not the foundation (low cost, including soft);

On the back of the auxiliary full: no LOGO on the back is covered with weft (cost slightly more, feel a little hard)

White forging: can make the bottom of the shallow cream-colored or grey, on the surface of the forging, forging the color (the base of color is limited, if it is a vivid impression is woven out, unless it is very hot color or dyed. Hot paper is generally USES the factory existing match close to the color of paper, such as specially the fee in one thousand yuan of above, there are a lot of minimum quantity.

The forging surface: some color (background) planar double is do not to come out, will be at the base with the reverse of the forging machine.

Wood shuttle woven label, trademark is a kind of selvage woven lable, when the trademark you’ll need a one-off according to the width of the need to point out, called the selvage trademark. The process to avoid the trimming of many shortcomings, but yield is low. Also have a plane and satin, is characterized by trademark weaving out from the machine after is a complete one, and soft. Disadvantages: low efficiency, use only five kinds of the color. More suitable for high-grade clothing supplies, such as fashion, suits, etc.

Crochet woven label: same wooden spindle machine woven lable, but not wooden spindle machine, but the knitting, tight, strong weft. Multi-purpose industry do very hot color code, the use of the characteristics of the warp and weft different make floor through high heat transfer printing and color, this kind of product price is quite high. According to the classification process can be divided into flat woven label and forging surface of two kinds of woven label.