How to identify the clothes button quality ?

    What kind of clothing buttons quality is better? Button quality standard is what? …… Loops as garment accessories industry entered the practitioners believe thought or will be focused on such problems.

clothing buttons snap button metal button wooden button    In general, rubbing fastness, Uniform shape; New QQ body demoulding good smoothness, mold level off is smooth; Fine workmanship… This button is good quality button. Of course of different material buttons (such as resin buttons and shell buttons, etc.), criterion to distinguish the button quality have different standard, such as for hardware buttons, many people will say, know about the “gold content”.

   Button test methods and required standards:

1, the control sample or confirmation samples. See whether color, model is consistent with the sample

2, button should not have crack, gap, uneven surface and clear scratches

3, no dismemberment, bubble surface back; No bad side, thickness uneven phenomenon

4, decorative pattern should be no obvious deformation, no dirty look, white wait for a phenomenon

5 button, should be bright and clean needle is wear and rupture, want semmetry and no big eye. If it is dark and eye, dark eye slot should be smooth, no obvious burst.

After 6, plating and other processing, the effect to uniform, if it is some special effects can not consistent, can separate packing.

With batch button color difference should be not less than 7, GB250 level 4 standard, compared with the samples, should be not less than GB250 grade iii.

8, packaging inspection, visual inspection/customer requirements after all performance testing qualified, then packing. In the packaging should be in a certificate or other tags. The number of the packaging should be consistent with regulations, and the actual number for each bag to match the specified number, found that because of different thickness or other reason than to fully test tolerance.

9, loose button button/car/button before shipment to try to play with five claws loops to test the performance and availability, and provides the molded samples and try to play to the customer.