How to deal with metal zipper puller being oxidized


Daily life should pay attention to the aluminum alloy or brass zipper in the use and storage process not damp, not with alkaline and acidic material contact, can effectively avoid metal teeth, moisture, oxidation corrosion.

General use of the metal ring is hanging plating technology (hanging plating coating is very thin, with hand can put it rubbed off), and then a layer will not fade, protective film, but this layer of protective film after long time use will wear off, so you rub nail polish try, nail polish role with the protective film role is almost

1, this is not oxidation, is the zipper metal to the corrosion, (leather containing acid). This is to be in the process of producing zipper to do special processing. You might be quicker to change the zipper. At present, HOK brand zipper (HOK zipper) will be able to achieve this technology, the production of metal zipper can acid.

2, may also be the zipper electroplating process is not good, leading to fade