How to correctly interpret the content of clothing tag ?

1. The European version

European version, just as its name implies, refers to spread in continental European countries suit type, like France, Italy and other countries a suit to a classic type is belong to the European version, this version to represent like zegna, armani, etc. Its suit characteristic is: the shoulder is wide, waist, and presents the inverted trapezoidal loading, the birth of this version from europeans tall, wide shoulder shape. Now more popular is the domestic version, hui instrument clothing when importing this kind of suit version according to the size of the Chinese people do change, more suitable for the Chinese wear.

2. The English version

The English version is also derived from the European version, change of deduce from the European version, because of the Anglo – Saxon people face is longer, so the admiralty suit collar shape is more long, which is to match a long face. Admiralty suit is also a wide shoulder, inverted trapezoidal loading, the difference is that the British version of the suit is commonly 3 buttons, while traditional euro button is double-breasted suit.

3. The American version

On the suit version to suit version is popular in the United States, the characteristics of this suit is relatively wide, casual, in appearance in “O” shape, generally on the suit piece more, is that there is no tie-in pants, give priority to with leisure style suit, fabric usually plaid outfit. The popularity of this version of the suit in the United States related to the idea of American culture, americans advocate casual, comfortable and natural. Have to say, a popular clothing style is closely related with local cultural and concepts.

4. The Japanese version

Suit is another version, Japanese had created, suitable for the Japanese size, this version is not wide shoulder, not the inverted trapezoidal shape of the euro, no waist, is simply a straight type, central after don’t open the fork, simple “H” shape, a suit of entrance guard is single-breasted style more.

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