How to choose the woven label process to match the upmarket clothing ?

To make clothes reflect good temperament, must choose good production technology of the woven label. Woven label as a kind of indispensable role clothing, more and more get people’s attention, especially for some high-end clothing, is high and high to the requirement of woven label. For woven label, high technical requirements, can be divided into active and burn while two kinds, according to the quality and grade of clothing, can be equipped with different quality of woven label.

   custom woven labelsWoven label to clothing, clothing industry knows, collar main label is a very important kind of woven label, so it is good to must choose quality label factory, because good quality label can deserve good clothes, at the same time, woven label is good or not will directly affect the clothes feeling and visual effects. If after several times of washing, easy to fade, damaged, so the quality of the woven label can be said to be poor, for beautiful clothes for a long time can’t have very good decoration effect.

     Those extremely high-grade clothes, of course, is recommended to choose fine selvage woven label, this not only washable, durable, and can match with high quality clothes.