How to choose the high quality plastic clothes hangers

How to choose the high quality plastic clothes hangers?

Plastic clothes hangers,metal hangers,mannequin suppliers,wooden clothes hangers1, look at the packaging is beautifully printed; trademark registration; company name, address, phone whether the label is obvious, clear

2, to see whether the state authority issued a certificate. Such as China recognized brand name, ISO9001:2000 international quality certification, etc.;

3, look at the company’s history, the number of patent technology, etc.;

4, look at the quality of commitment. The strength of the manufacturers have to promise to repair compensation;

5, hand it is a core component of the racks, light degree directly determines the service life and the effect of it. Present city

On the field the most lightweight light hand ratchet most durable, it is only by the yearning for company exclusive development and patented products;

6, look at the drying rod. It determines the bearing capacity of the product, aluminum magnesium alloy connecting rod, aviation grade material, there is light material, the weight of large

, is not easy to bend, does not rust the characteristic, is at present most loves the consumer to welcome the pole;

7, look at the quality of. Various components of paint or plating is solid, the surface is smooth, without burr, scratches, gas etc.;

8, look at the material and thickness of the wire rope. 1.5MM stainless steel wire rope with high grade air drying clothes rack;

9, at the point of sale trial samples. Whether it can achieve the lifting of the flexible, lightweight and flexible, automatic positioning and noise free effect.