How to choose model hangers ?

In order to achieve the marketing goal, we often through the clothes in the window, models, props and background of advertising design and put, to attract customers and arouse their purchase desire, so as to achieve the aim of sales as we expected.

All it is crucial for the role of clothing brand model, design the model window is clever or not, just now, things can attract the attention of pedestrians in a short span of a few seconds to convince consumers into the store. In the window models intuitive display effect, than TV media and print media have more persuasion and realistic. Guide in the silent language, reserved, guide the way, is also a shop the other marketing techniques can not substituteh30

Through a model window, can let us touch the urban fashion pulse, pop the sway of the monsoon. Model shop window, therefore, is not only the window of a brand, it is a window of the city. Different regions, different cultural background of the model window, not only on the design style is different, also reflected the economic strength and cultural level of a city.

With the increasing number of clothing brand, clothing is more and more tend to be internationalization. And also more and more high to the requirement of costumes. Process to upscale to beautiful and easy, with clothing, let a person look at comfortable. Whether display \ models or hangers are to strive for perfection. And how to make their products to the next level, which requires costumes friends ideas together.