How to buy good non woven bag for our enterprise to do propaganda?

non woven bags manufacturerMany companies choose non woven bags to advertising, I summed up two of the most obvious factor is low price and environmental protection; However, involves the consideration of cost and quality, how to choose a suitable for their own enterprise non woven environmental protection bags for promotion and advertising is particularly important, usually choose an ideal non-woven bag has to be consider from the following three points:

1, advertising effect factors, the service life of a non-woven fabric environmental protection bag, design layout, process details quality fit and unfit quality directly affect the user view of the advertising company and brand image, this kind of advertisement type non-woven fabric environmental protection bag is a high quality mobile billboards;

2, cost factors, non-woven environmental protection bags for materials, printing, processing aspects of reasons, the quality is divided into high, medium and low-grade, have coated material, embossing, laser coated, pyrograph printing, screen printing, and so on many process, so the price is divided into high, medium and low,

3, products matching factors, the design of non-woven environmental protection bags, fabric, color along with the market need more and more rich, choose more and more, how to choose suitable for the design of their products, color, process is very important,, cartoon style bag cannot be used for mature products, bright color cannot be used for packaging seriousness of finished product, chemical class can’t packing food aspects to consider.