Hang tags – you have to understand some small knowledge

   What is the hang tags? When you buy new clothes, new clothes hung on the card is the card. Tags are mostly on paper, there is also a plastic or metal. Tags should be printed with above information about manufacturing this dress manufacturers, brand name, LOGO, and the fabric of this dress in material composition, price, origin, etc.

labeles Hang tags of the big four

1, advertising effect, also can saying is the image of the enterprise. Some clothing enterprise or clothing of star of the model’s photo on the tag, is the tags as a mini version of the advertisement, give a person with image intuitive feelings, played a very good publicity, advertising effect.

2, logo. Tags are usually printed with clothing on the type, size, origin, and surface material composition and so on information and information manufacturer brand information.

3, anti-counterfeit effect. Some clothing tags with or use the barcode, holographic anti-counterfeiting technology to do this is to protect the rights and interests of consumers and maintain the enterprise’s own interests.

4, guiding role. Printed on the tags used by fabirc material, some still water temperature, washing with washing clothes, what type of detergent and how to maintain this kind of dress. These are reflected the tags.

The five process of tags

At present more popular tags five process is:

1, UV

2, hot stamping silver pressed

3, concave and convex

4, a glue

5, flocking

    Following a brief introduction of each of these several process features:

1, UV role is to make the paper after printing luster and can effectively protect the surface of the paper, it is the paper after printing, a processing technology on the surface of the paper.

2, bronzing hot silver, the tags are common very fashionable. In particular, electrochemical aluminum hot stamping for hot stamping, is a special kind of printing process. This kind of printing without ink, with the aid of a certain pressure and temperature, use in hot stamping machine template, make the paper and hot stamping foil each other in a short time will hot stamping on the template by transfer to the surface of the paper.

3, concave and convex, this process originated in China, like hot stamping silver pressed tags also need not ink, also is to use stress in printing paper out images of the concave and convex, decorative pattern.

4, drops of gum is a kind of paper, post-treatment processing after the tag printing, let high-purity epoxy resin under the environment of high temperature liquefaction process, attached on the surface of tags, form all sorts of design.

5, flocking, this process is a bit complicated, simple point said the technology is to use charge the same physical characteristics of opposites attract, the villi value to the paper surface coated with adhesive.

    Currently on the market drop for several process more complex.