Gucci design restoring ancient ways to reshape the brand

Gucci before milan fashion week released the 2016 autumn and winter series, we have quite familiar with its creative director Alessandro Michele style restoring ancient ways, full color, rich in detail.

non woven bag manufacturerIn the face of the past few years Gucci increasingly commonplace, sales growth, Michele’s design for Gucci to establish distinct image. Speak true, however, the bird floral embroidery suits and dresses are not very solid wear, they are too big. Is also good, after the release, series of 2016 autumn winters can find Michele “down-to-earth” some this time.

Article big big goldfish perch on the green skirt, the area of design appropriate; Red Gucci Logo printed on the pleated skirt, is not tacky. Accessories designer from Michele for his latest work to reduce a lot of the details of heavy and complicated, and more friendly to people.

But I’m not going to write show review, I want to say, Gucci is how sexy again again.

First let’s look at some Numbers. Gucci 2014 suddenly change of ceos and the creative director, because in the performance led to the negative – according to the results of its parent company’s open cloud group, Gucci Gucci in 2014 than in 2013 revenue fell 1.76%. In 2015 Michele took office this year, Gucci’s revenue rose sharply by 11.4%.

Fashion clothing trend has been a call “Normcore (normal nuclear)” the vocabulary of the point for several years, this kind of style, “Effortless Chic” – seem Effortless, but do not lose fashionable – take hold. But look for several years, is really worthy of being tired of, anyway, I’ve seen enough as ubiquitous as the slogan of “Normcore” and “cold wind”. When a concept is to known, so it is not far from the recession.

At the end of last year, the word created Normcore trend forecasters said K – Hole, the next popular style should be “Magic (Magic)”. K – Hole in its report, the style of “fantasy” should be “more spiritual, pay more attention to mental performance”.

So, Gucci presented new style, is to catch the good time, just the beginning of a new trend on the tide, it in the earth is a small white shoes, white shirt, minimalist design provides people completely different another option.

Michele from Victorian, gothic period, in the middle ages, and Elizabeth period extracted elements. For example 2016 chun xia series, printed on a skirt inspiration is originated from a French writer madeliene history Curie in 1654 work “the tender feelings map Carte DE Tendre”.

Although Gucci was also criticized design too exaggerated, each like costumes, ordinary people difficult to harness in daily wear. I do think, however, Gucci by Michele first few series, the goal is not to let ordinary people can happily wear on the street, but a renewal of the brand is romantic and creative cognition, cause consumers’ desire for Gucci. So although exaggerated, but in the T stage and large visual effect.

T stage to the significance of fashion brand, already is not just to sell goods, it is a base, build dream T stage of thin models put on a new fashion, carry on the new bag, let you to the brand difference the yearning and fantasy, after you to buy. Under the cap of restoring ancient ways, Michele was abandon Logo bag and three woven belt adds a new element, the result is Gucci “dionysian package”, for three woven belt belt metal color pleated skirt.

And through the case of T stage rebranding in addition to the Gucci, Coach.

In 2014, the Coach to past Boyle backpack and special brand image a clean break, walking on the New York autumn/winter fashion week also its first ready-to-wear show. After the Coach through a series of a series of garments show, trying to convey it is modern, lifestyle brand.

The next question is how Gucci intends to continue to control the design restoring ancient ways. In open cloud in fiscal year 2015 report, it’s Gucci strategy problem wrote: in the next 2 to 3 quarter will be provided on the product radical reorientation, gradually replace those who do not agree with the new creative direction of the product. That is to say, we will see more inspiration in Gucci products from the 17th century, 18th century.

Gucci, however it is time to think about how to increase the firm sex. Wishes can go to search the show yesterday, before the star wearing Gucci show street snap, the effect… Even set on star too dramatic. Will people aesthetic fatigue, posters in the skirt is ultimately want to be wear on ordinary people. Sell, forever is the ultimate goal.