Good clothes to match good woven label

L24Woven label as a indispensable part of the clothing, more and more get people’s attention, especially for some high-end clothing, more strict requirements for woven label. Woven label can be divided into two types of manual and machine, according to the quality and grade of clothing, can be equipped with different quality of woven label.

For woven label, clothing industry knows, collar main label is a very important kind of woven label, so you need to choose good quality label manufacturers, because good quality label can only be worthy of the finest clothes, at the same time, the woven label is good or bad will directly affect the visual effect of clothes. Or in the collar of main label, due to its located in the visible part of the clothes, so the quality is particularly important, woven label is not able to after many washing is fading, damage, so as not to affect the beautiful clothes.

To make clothes can reflect a good style, must choose good woven label production process, for those who are extremely high-grade clothes, is recommended to choose fine artificial woven label, of course, this not only washable, durable, and can match with high quality clothes.