What are the gift box of the materials

custom gift boxExquisite gift box for gift sell can play a very important role, especially its appeal to consumers, can increase the added value of products, also can have the effect of brand for the enterprise.

Enterprise when choosing high-grade gift packaging materials, paper container still dominate, leather, wood, metal materials than before the increase, the proportion of the natural materials such as bamboo, willow and grass is still a small amount of use.For many high-end gifts or for wood packaging material, natural and civilized atmosphere, such as red wine packaging in red wine packaging plan is based on the characteristics of village and dense wine culture, in wine packaging plan to use a lot of paper and wood materials to make red wine bottle, and a box, add straw to foil frosted glass raw material wine bottle, wine in dense village civilization characteristics reflected. Do the wine red wine packaging plan and the harmonic of civilization together.

Paper packing in cartons and holds an absolute advantage, according to the level of box selection of different materials are also different:

1, grade a high-grade some choose 350g white slabs onlay into paper card printing, laminating, die-cutting forming again.
2, low grade gift packing box: can be used more than 400g white paper board printing, laminating die cutting molding.
3, the middle-grade gift packing box, print multiple surface can choose 300g – 350g dominate the aluminum foil paper (commonly known as gold, silver, copper, etc.) and 300 g dominant white paper on the onlay into cardboard, printing effect of die cutting forming again.

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