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Clothing is an engineering, including design, production, the production process various links, the most important one link is selected material, material and fabric piece goods, and other accessories.

The other accessories we collectively clothing accessories, it is in addition to the fabric decorative clothing and expand clothing function of essential elements, including: the packing liner material sewing thread material fastening decorative materials zipper button in the ribbon lace shoulder pads lining cloth cloth hangers brand jewelry fillet tailor’s chalk latch fur trademark cord filler plastic accessories metal parts packing HeDai barcode label and other related, and so on

All of these materials, whether with the immanent quality of clothing, or external quality has important influence. In such as: material, sewing thread is mainly influence the immanent quality of clothing, affects the use of clothing firm, of course, play a decorative role. The liner material, lace, etc. Mainly used for decorative clothing.

The stand or fall of a set of clothing design, auxiliary materials often plays a big role, even more than the fabric itself. Accessories collocation is proper, can have the effect that make the finishing point, get twice the result with half the effort, but on the other hand, can be to gild the lily.

hang tags for clothing,custom clothing hang tags【 clothing textiles by type introduction 】

1, elastic

Is we often say elephant root, the width are different according to need.

Generally divided into ingots knitting and tatting two kinds.

Woven (tat) is warp/weft weaving. And twist yarn through warping into bobbin (head), weft into pirn, ribbon on the loom. Due to the band width is small, weaving way is different, with a single, double, dozens of range, with single and double.

Weaving (spindle woven) is meridian tube, the winding formation weft yarn tube, plug in knitting machine stationary seat, weft tube along the figure 8 rotary movement orbit, the traction yarn cross each other Weaving. Usually the even number of ingot, woven tape for tubular, spindle number is odd, woven tape for flat sheet.

The main raw material is cotton, viscose yarn and rubber wire 3 kinds.

Can be used for underwear, clothing, gloves, etc.

2, the rubber band

Is made of rubber, linear or tubular goods, commonly known as a rubber band, used to adjust the tightness.

Commonly used in the place such as cuffs, waist mouth.

3, rubber-sheathed wire

And rubber products, but is fine. Often associated with cotton yarn, viscose rayon interwoven into elastic, etc.

Is mainly used for hosiery, cuffs, etc.

4, rib belt

According to the different weave, belong to the rib of knitwear, woven from rubber-sheathed wire with cotton, chemical fiber and other raw materials.

They can be used for openning, collar, etc.

5, nylon silk belts

General use nylon filament as weft yarn, woven with cotton core wires.

Varieties have article jacquard nylon belt, nylon belt, etc.

Strong degree is high, wear-resisting, and beautiful.

6, whalen belts

Whalen filament yarn as weft yarn and woven cotton as the core wires. Pattern like nylon, there are variety such as jacquard, striped.

7, waist card

Belt, elastic adjustment.

Multi-purpose in dress, trench coats and other clothing the waist.

Waist card such as round, square, oval, raw material for plastic, nylon, organic glass, etc.

More convenient, adornment effect is better.

8, Clothing hangtag

Under normal circumstances the wire and tags into a set of, more to the clothing style is divided into casual wear, suits, children’s clothes, suits, trousers, jacket, etc., the wire tags can have very good brand promotion and product identification, enterprise culture, the function such as the washing instructions, in a set of high-end clothing, novel design, theme clear wire tags can have the effect of tie-in decoration, also can make the finishing point in the clothing of magical function.

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