Garment accessories knowledge: how to make nylon zipper also invisible ?

Tibetan zipper mounting method the effect is similar to the invisible zipper, but not the invisible zipper, nylon zipper with ordinary through special installation method also can achieve the effect of invisible zipper, garment accessories knowledge today Chinese garment accessories network Xiaobian for everyone to share is: how to get nylon zipper, invisible up!

The so-called “let nylon zipper is also invisible” is actually the nylon zipper hidden installation method:

JZ garment accessories network to introduce a “hidden”, where the so-called “hidden” does not refer to invisible zipper, but the zipper is covered by fabric. This method commonly used in clothes or on the side of the skirt placket. Installation steps

1, the first preparation of nylon zipper and the need to install the zipper cloth;

2, will need to install the zipper place using 1.5 cm wide seam first basting again, then sew separate ironing. If you don’t need to give whole seams are arranged on the zipper, then do not install zipper the seams used needle distance to a little dense, and start and end position to the use of inverted needle fixed.


3, the zipper face down and seam center, and it will use hand sewing seam basting is fixed;

4, will turn to the front of the cloth, sewing machine to install seam zipper with unilateral presser foot, pressure foot pushed the needle right, from nylon zipper at the opening of the right, to 0.7 cm of seams in the fabric pressure open wire;

5, when the completion of one side stitching, ready to sew on the other side, take a look under the zipper bag iron mouth position, if you can avoid it, you can directly turn 90 degrees, let the machine needle crossing zipper top go to the other side began to sew. Turning should be the first to allow the machine needle in the lowest position, and then lift the foot, after turning and then put down the pressure foot to continue sewing. When the zipper is sewn to the upper side of the zipper, do not step on the electric motor, but hand rotation of the sewing machine, so that the machine needle carefully across the zipper teeth, so as to avoid the broken needle;

6, if the package mouth iron just at the corner, then you only have the pressure foot to tear down the machine needle left, from the opening at the beginning of the left joint of wire. Note that in the beginning and end of line don’t forget to empty the needle.

Finally, remove the basting cloth on the line;

7. For the car method of skilled people can not first basting, but for the novice, making the process more some of the steps is necessary, although to some trouble, but can ensure the satisfactory effect.