Four principles of clothing labels design

 clothing labels   According to the clothing labels design, design styles on the market. Different designers do not have the same idea. But in the final analysis, clothing labels design also to follow the four design principles. They are the correlation principle, adaptation principle, vivid principle as well as the compatibility principle.

     First of all, we together to explore the correlation of hang tags design principles. The design principle of the hang tags, mainly is the requirements for the design of hang tags, associated with the brand need to be able to show the main product information. Such as Nike shoes, when design the hang tags must highlight the fashion movement, science and technology such as basic elements. Such ability is associated with the Nike brand. We are talking about the design style, we tend to notice the designer to see if there is some basic elements lead to come out. Second, is the clothing labels design principles of life, this kind of life, the public can accept, and be able to understand the design. If a card design is very complicated, so the hang tags is a failed product. We must according to the audience’s eye acceptance to design tags. Third, the principle is vivid. Small clothing labels is actually a kind of small labels, we usually see hang tags are products of the best fashion spokesperson. This advertising although silent, but it shows the artistic effect is very rich. If the design can well hold the elements, then the clothing labels is a good product design. Finally, the principle is compatibility. The compatibility principle is also called the consistency principle. Is the clothing labels design and content of the product is the same.