Detailed talk anti-counterfeiting hang tags

46     We are no strangers to hang tags. But as the garment industry to grow and thrive, some imitation brand infringement phenomenon began to appear. The first is some big brand of clothing, aim to cheat customer, every detail of clothing are done. The clothing tags is indispensable. In order to guarantee the authenticity of channels, and improve the consciousness of consumers anti-counterfeiting, genuine manufacturers also pay attention to the product of anti-counterfeiting. One of the important part is the anti-counterfeiting tags used.
Anti-counterfeiting tags with common tags is different, the cost will increase significantly. But in order to protect their legitimate interests, and infringement of interests loss, anti-counterfeiting tags or became the choice of many authentic high-grade brand businesses.
High-grade anti-counterfeiting tags is a special anti-counterfeiting printing paper, merchants in order to make tags more anti-fake function, will combine security graphic design, special printing, special printing ink to make tags. Some material will choose PVC canvas, ribbon, metal, wood, leather, PU.