Clothing woven labels trends for 2016

custom woven labels,fabric labelsWith an influx of fresh new designers making statements in the fashion industry, this will be a landmark year for clothing woven label innovation.
The continued growth of eco-friendly labels will ensure that materials such as bamboo and organic cotton will continue to rise in demand.
Synthetic materials that look and feel like genuine leather and suede will be popular options, especially for brands looking for the appearance and durability of these materials without the social criticism that is sometimes attached to such products.
Three-dimensional and textured labels will continue to be popular. These labels use materials such as silicone or PVC that get injected into a mold to create a raised logo that jumps out from its background. This gives a tactile and visually appealing design.
Laser cutting technology has made more intricately shaped labels or hang tags possible. Expect to see fewer standard-sized labels in the marketplace as a result.
Labels that use a mix of materials —fabric, brushed metals, leather, and wood, blended into a single design—reflect today’s modern brands, as do labels that juxtapose modern materials with vintage lettering to create a fusion of styles.
With new processes and available materials invading the label industry on an almost monthly basis, these are only a few of the exciting elements we should see hitting the shelves and racks this year.