What should we pay attention to in the design and printing of clothing labels ?

007    Mention clothing labels printing, we are not strangers, every time we buy a piece of clothing will see that exclusively belongs to the dress label printing, on the label printing a detailed introduction about the dress. For the clothing producers, clothing tags in tag printing and design should pay attention to what? Below we will introduce some attention to matters.

     First of all, in the clothing tag design must pay attention, you have to tag design, whether in the pattern or the choice of letters must sign and your exclusive clothing company match, let consumers see the tag printed on the logo or letters you can think of the clothing company name, started to spread the company brand name; the second is in printing, the printing of the pigment you must not fade, if you use the pigment will fade, no one will be put on the label printing color contamination to the clothes, it is out of grade, there can be some laundry notes mark printed on the tag to replace the cumbersome Chinese characters description, let consumers know how to stick out a mile and protect the washing clothes. The last is the clothing label designed to meet the company’s image, printing must adopt high grade material.

    Only seriously do above several matters needing attention, your clothing tag will show its value and played the role of “small ads”.