Clothing hang tags printing what needed to be done

clothing hang tags with stringIn the clothing industry, clothing hang tags will find more apparent after cutting off color in printing. As for costs, tend to be a professional printing tags (design and the key elements of sign) manufacturer of color technology is mature, so the cost of relative four color won’t have obvious increase, but in terms of quality and color gamut can have very good ascension. Choose four color or the color, of course, to be specific, best explain and customer communication, understanding customer.

1, the relationship between the color. Black, gold, silver or dark covering power of color is generally adopts the stamping method, but if the color is larger area carefully. Because tags printed general requirements color piece color full, resulting in ink layer thicker, but stamped with too much area can increase the risk of ceng dirty. For other color, after on the analysis of the relationship between depth can also decide whether to need to stamping processing. From printing alignment perspective, the captain like color embossed, because of the small sizes of finished product, to transfer the typesetting number is more, each edition) (printed sheet on each position alignment requirement is high, some deeper color with 0.1 mm Bai Dou leakage between the feeling is very obvious. Our factory on the sign sample generally require the entire image cannot have leakage appear white, even if it does, it must be a very slight can accept. In short, the principle is to pressure is not set, both hue changes and smearing risk.

2 white, bare. Due to the high demand for alignment, the color of the stamping process, for not must bare white processing. Usually use Illustrator stroke in stamping features or bare white command can meet the requirements. In the Attribute set in the palette stroke embossing, achieve the goal of bare white, to set the width according to the actual process of factory level. Suggest not too big, pay attention to the stroke width in the middle of the line, so the stroke width should be set to need 2 times. If it is an object to background expansion with object color to stroke can, if it is a background to the object, use the color of the background object to stroke. You can also use Patherfinder palette popup menu of the Trap command.

3, the same color and the color of both the ground light, suggest that judgment field need amount of ink, it is best to field and network points of two pieces of output. Printing ink quantity control, otherwise it’s prone to field density and network printing connect fully, network field density is not enough to meet the requirements and conditions. This method can also be applied to a field exist large ink and color with fine lines or text.

4, barcode printing. Note the barcode the choice of the color and background color and the size of barcode scale, ensure identification. Many customers require barcode recognition rate reached A level.