Clothing grain

    Hanging grain (wire) is mainly used for hanging clothing hang tag, it is the clothing and the clothing hang tags (clothing trademarks, clothing label, washing mark, price tag, etc.) the connection between the bond. Hanging grain (rope) as integral part of the clothing accessories products clothing in the trademark, summarize grain of intellectual knowledge. A good set of tags, hanging grain collocation can reflect the clothing textiles design taste and more clothing brand effect, it is mainly composed of the rope, fork, plastic body, logo, color.

clothing hang tags,clothing hangtags,clothing hang tags suppliersHanging grain of scope of application:

Hanging grain used for clothing, and a part of brand watches, bags, shoes and hats, jewelry, umbrella need hang tag on the product of use, etc.

Hanging grain composition:

Early hanging grain (rope) by some simple cotton rope, hemp rope, nylon rope, braided rope, such as playing form a circular use, cannot achieve brand highlight and page effect, after printing paper with aluminum shell stamping, but the shape is simple, iron clasps to clothing, now most of them adopt injection molding process, material for composite particles on one side of the word

PS, ABS, etc., for nylon cord, polyester cord rope, cotton rope, etc.

The classification of the crane grains

Hanging grain main types are divided into: lift a molding, epoxy resin, triad cranes hanging grain, four unity, core pulling crane crane grain, aluminum shell, ribbon hoisting crane grain button, ribbon, rope, wire rod, etc.; One of their forming, epoxy resin, triad, four unity hanging particles can also be divided into: double fork lift grain, single fork, fork lift hanging grain.

According to the appearance is roughly divided into: rectangle, square, circular, cylindrical shape, oval and other rules, can also be custom-made into various shapes according to need, but the triad, four unity, aluminum shell custom shape such as high cost.

According to the plastic color can be divided into: monochrome, double color hanging hanging grain, grain.

According to loogo color can be divided into: hot stamping (refers to all kinds of electrochemical aluminum hot very hot), hot color crane crane grain, printing, plastic hanging hanging grain, including printing and plastic color is rich, can random modulation, but the cost of slightly tall, slightly longer production cycle, the current widely used hot stamping technology.

Note: the above category most can cross match into a whole grain, such as epoxy resin round two-color bronzing hanging grain; Button ribbon, rope, wire rod and other products is relatively simple single product, but on the rope technique and color combination is complex and changeable, can yet be regarded as some of the low price clothes or choice of women’s clothing, shirts, underwear.

Grain of classified by style

Hanging grain classification according to the style of clothing can be roughly classified as:

1, spring loaded crane grain, color is pure and fresh and bright, appearance is concise, more the appearance such as the dual function, triad smaller cranes or buckle.

2, qiu dong outfit – appearance specifications larger grain, process more complex, color used is composed of color, like black, coffee, bordeaux, blackish green, navy, etc.

3, casual clothes hanging – use process complex but more concise condole grain shape, rope buckle, belt buckle, ribbon hung, color more use khaki, coffee, cream-colored, etc.

4, suit hanging – in triad such as rectangle, square and oval shape grain, some high-end clothing is also used to prevent the logo rub off a glue protection technology.

More than 5, pants hanging – using appearance fairly small grain and rope buckle, color also is relatively simple, such as black, blue, etc.

6, shirt hanging – similar to spring/summer outfit.

7, jacket hanging – similar to qiu dong outfit and casual wear.

8, women’s clothing hanging – appearance is small, but there are certain molding process, bright color, such as red, yellow, light green, etc.

Nine, children’s clothes hanging, complex shape, color is bright and lively, like sky blue, pink, grass green, etc.

10, underwear hanging – generally use thin lines, rope, needle gun, etc., material and technology for environmental protection technology.