Clothing 3D printing technology is easy to achieve customization

Recently, the British company Tamicare will start mass production of clothing and intelligent textiles. It is understood that Tamicare trademark textiles called Cosyflex 3 d printing technology, is a kind of multi-functional multi-stage 3 d printing technology, to be able to use liquid polymer and textile fiber (can choose) according to specific requirements manufacturing textiles, easily customized. The technology is the patent of the company in 2005. After 10 years of hard development, the company will use it to start mass production. Their new product line has the ability of annual output of 3 million pieces, and almost won’t cause waste.

use-shirt“Our Cosyflex manufacturing system can make the 3 d printing technology for the first time for mass production,” Tamicare CEO and founder of TamarGiloh said, “it can be far below the cost of traditional manufacturing technology, to realize high density production.”

At present, Tamicare has been with several well-known sports brand signed a million-dollar deal, while other companies are also developed an interest to Cosyflex technology, because it can be without sewing and cutting process, a molding material more complex than the clothing, or even just a few steps can create complete shoes.

“Manufacturing shoes often require hundreds of working procedure, and Cosyflex only need three steps, for other complex design.” Tamicare’s chief technology officer said. “with that, the enterprise can be in the same place to complete the entire manufacturing, without again as before building a global supply chain.”

In addition, the Cosyflex also can in a whole new way to integrate smart technology and textiles. Way at present, the application of intelligent materials are woven onto the surface of the traditional costumes, but Cosyflex along with it in the manufacturing process of sensors and other electronic components to print to clothing. In order to further develop the technology of intelligent application, Tamicare already and medical equipment, graphene and intelligent expert – TimHarper fabric company launched a joint research.