Clothes stored knowledge

all kinds of clothing store method:

1. cotton, hemp clothing: storage, clothes to be washed, dried, folded flat, wardrobe, cabinets, polyethylene bags to keep clean and dry, to prevent mildew. White clothing and dark clothing when the best separate, to prevent dip or yellowing.

2 .woolen clothing: all kinds of wearing woolen clothing after a period of time to dry tap, remove dust. Do not wear when placed in a dry place. Should be suspended and stored, and the opposite side of the fabric to prevent fading weathering, the emergence of wind seal. Prior to storage, cleaning or washing, ironing should be dry, dry, ventilated a day. High-grade woolen clothing, best hanging in the closet, do not overlap, so as not to affect the appearance and deformation. In the storage of wool or blended clothing, will mothball wrapped with tissue paper, put in the pocket or closet, inside the box. Plush clothing and other apparel store should be separated, so as to avoid contamination of cashmere wool, other clothing.

3. chemical fiber clothing: synthetic fiber clothing should be placed for a long time so as to avoid hanging, drape and stretch. In the store containing natural fiber blended fabric clothing, put a small amount of mothballs or agent to the insect, but do not touch; on polyester, nylon and other synthetic fiber clothing, you do not need to put mothballs, more can’t put global health, in order to avoid the binaphthol in garment and fabric damage.

* cashmere coat how to save? After dry cleaning, find a bag, hanging in the closet and cashmere are animal protein fiber, the easy to worms, is best to use point of natural Chinese herbal medicine more anti moth eaten. The camphor is not very good, especially the synthesis of mothballs, damage to the cloth.

This silk fabric after washing clothes, how to save?

Silk is a kind of protein fiber, and has strong moisture absorption, when used, first of all, we should to wash the clothes, the best ironing again, can play a role in sterilization disinsection. Silk fabric is thin and soft, afraid of pressure, into a heap of clothes above, light colored silk clothes is best to use white cloth storage, to wind stains yellow stains. Silk clothing should not be placed on the health ball, or white will be yellow.

* moldy clothes how to do?

1. Wool woolen clothes Meidian, put the clothes in the sun under the sun for several hours, after drying will become moldy with the brush gently brush off. If it is due to the oil stains, perspiration moldy can use soft brush dipped in some petrol in moldy repeatedly scrub, then clean towel rub several times, placed in ventilated place to dry in the air then.

2. Silk clothes have become moldy, the first silk bubble in water with a scrub brush, if the mildew, more heavy, where moldy, painted some 5% of the alcohol solution, repeated scrubbing several times, will be able to quickly remove mildew.

3. Leather clothes mildew, first with a towel dipped in some soapy water repeatedly wipe, remove the dirt immediately rinse with water, then dried, and then apply some of the oil jacket!

4. Chemical fiber clothes mildew, usable brush dipped in some concentrated soap water scrub, warm water then rinse again mildew can get rid of!