China top fashion show in Guangzhou—The fashion circle ushered in the peak moment

As the world’s clothing production and trade area of guangzhou, really top dress culture festival has been missing in the city. On February 23, the evening to be held in guangzhou “night” of the People’s Republic of China, finally make guangzhou fashion ushered in the peak time.

non woven bags manufacturerBy China fashion designers association and China apparel industry innovation and development foundation, guangdong Jin Sui feng industrial co., LTD. And its new China to undertake the “new China night 2016 annual arts festival” hail to the innovation, make China the most landmark and innovation achievements of clothing designer carving, Guo Pei and latest design, hand in hand with Chinese music, “one of the four major Kings” Fang Jinlong gave a monkey with a spirit of the original debut. As guangzhou new China guangzhou line 13 first-hand clothing wholesale “tap”, apparel industry to upgrade the luxuriant also open. China textile industry association, vice President of Xia Lingmin, lee, chairman of the China fashion designers association when toki, qing-hui zhang, vice President of guangzhou liwan district’s leadership and CMM, zhao had Yun, tonight, deng of intelligence, such as Hong Kong celebrities, designer attended the ceremony.

Open before the show, the Chinese clothing designer association and China apparel industry innovation and development foundation to carving, Fang Jinlong, Guo Pei three fashion art world leaders issued the “new China” of the artistic innovation of the year award. Should be MeiLong, Wang Shaoju five innovative young dream chaser has won the “new China” of the apparel industry innovation and development of the year award.

Show, Cabbeen carving “AFRICA KINDOM African kingdom” is infuriating, Joe ning drum percussion ensemble synthetic-aperture, with tattoos, art, nature, extremely mysterious African totem strength, make people advance preview Cabbeen2016 trend of qiu dong. Founder carving Mr Danny in 2010 won the Chinese costume design highest honor “jinding award”, in February 2007, Cabbeen carving became the first invited for a special released by the China fashion week in New York designer.

Passion is infinite Cabbeen. The contemporary five string lute Fang Jinlong performances, the representative of the ancient zen wind dance, sages, Buddhism, Taoism, han and tang dynasties, the silk road music performance of magic.

At last just last month in Paris couture Zhou Chenggong debut of China fashion designers Guo Pei “The Courtyard Courtyard”. 43 high order goods, this is the first time Guo Pei to do the special conference original secondary rendering. “Garden” of the scene is very fastidious, golden bamboo, Chinese style roof… Guo Pei in royal grace and elegant courtyards, show a woman calmly confident image. The opening dress with Guo Pei has always been the design style of art, which is the symbol of a ray of golden light, opened the prelude of the entire release. The whole design style of the new series light quietly elegant, using the marca dragon color of light blue, pink, beige and turmeric, added a fresh and romantic in the summer. Tassel, cloud with Chinese style elements, such as shoulder and button be used properly, on the adornment of these from Chinese traditional costume elements and the integration of western dress, coat, creating unique flavor. At the end of the long dress, with more than 7800 hours of embroidery and hand, to create a three-dimensional sense of relief, colourful jing.