American cotton planting area and increased by 5%,in 2016

    Time to enter in January 2016, the northern cotton planting more and more close. Although this year’s planting area temporarily difficult to determine, but the indications are that the U.S. cotton farmers plant expanding intentions obvious.

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    According to the American journal of cotton farmers a recent survey, 2016 U.S. cotton planting area may increase 5%, to 9.085 million acres (55.19 million acres). The main reason is that competition crop prices less attractive, and in 2015, American cotton yield ideal. Still, American cotton area is the second lowest since 1983, more than five years ago (14.735 million acres) reduced by more than 30%.

    According to the survey, the ICE futures price is still decided to American cotton area is the most important factors. In 2014/15, the ICE futures price has been more than 60 cents. Many cotton farmers in the survey is generally believed that cotton prices in 2016 still can maintain the status quo, so will not result in the cotton area of widening. Because the price of other crops, however, is very low, cotton prices have advantages, American cotton yield is also good for cotton farmers plant expanding increased confidence, so American cotton planting area increased.

    Texas, as ever, is still depends on American cotton area and yield of high and low in 2016. In 2015, the Texas planting area of 5.216 million acres, 60% of American cotton area. In 2016, the size of Texas plant expanding will more than other regions. Area of Texas, experts say, Texas is the cause of increasing bad weather last year which leads to many districts planting on schedule. Soil conditions improved significantly after the recent storm, cotton farmers in the west and south of Texas is very eager to plant expanding.

    Overall look, Texas, central south and south-east of cotton plant expanding ideas, are the second-largest ChanMian remain basically stable state of Georgia area, only in the western region of planting situation is not optimistic, water resources shortage continues to haunt the C/A area of cotton production.