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In 2016, The 67th Mexico International Garment Accessories Exhibition

Mexico international interfiliere fabric has held 31 years, with the international and domestic support, the exhibition is getting more and more prominent. Has now developed into a professional, free, the only one in Mexico textile and garment manufacturing industry trade event. On the net area is 36000 square meters, from Portugal, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, venezuela, Colombia, panama, India, Pakistan, the United States, China, Chile, South Korea, countries such as Peru’s 700 exhibitors participated in the exhibition, open 1282 booths to attract viewers from 44 countries, visitors, more than 180000 people, professional traders at home and abroad, 20500. 92% of buyers and buyers communicate directly with 75% of the exhibitors to increase business scale and the database. 65% of the exhibitors at the scene of success deal directly, without having to follow up after the meeting, by about 50% of the cost of sales. 91% of the exhibitors said may become the show loyalty merchants. This constitutes the 2500 well-known brands, with more than 5000 kinds of product line. Exhibitors to visit South America’s biggest fashion and fabric exhibition (INTERMODA), is a shortcut to avoid textile quotas to the U.S. market.

South Mexico “international trend of fashion and fabric exhibition INTERMODA is held in Mexico and South America and Mexico, one of the largest textile clothing and fabric exhibition exhibition in the face of consumer market, with a population of 1.4 billion, South America and Mexico and the United States has a” north American free trade agreement (NAFTA), “according to the provisions of NAFTA, the United States since January 1, 1994, the cancellation of textile and clothing quotas on imports from Mexico, and gives a series of preferential tariff (in 2001, the average tariffs on imports from Mexico just 0.9%). Most countries such as Brazil/Chile/South America Peru/Argentina, Colombia and other countries and the United States have signed” free trade agreement “, the finished product to the United States tariff is low, so the fabric/accessories is a large market in South America more than 25000 buyers.

JZ Garment Accessories Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998. We are a garment accessories one-stop supplier, Our products include Hang tags, Clothing labels, Woven labels, Plastic bag, Paper bag, Woven bag, Non-woven bag, Gift box, Packing box, Clothes hanger, Lace, Clothing buttons, Zipper, Zipper puller, etc.  Now we wish to establish and develop more worldwide cooperation relationships.

Heat Transfer Labels

logoHeat Transfer Labels

Heat Transfer labels, also known as “tag-less tags”, are a great option for customers who want to brand their clothing without the bulk of a woven or printed label.
The heat transfer tags are Pantone color matched, with flexographic ink. They are silk screened onto a clear velum backing and come pre-cut and ready to apply. Heat transfer labels are best on sporty t-shirts, athletic wear, or baby items like newborn bodysuits. The heat transfers are easy to apply by a regular household iron or an industrial heat press (recommended for best results).

You can print up to 4 colors for heat transfer labels on simple designs. We can also source full-color heat transfer printing. Ask a sales rep for more information on full-color heat transfers.

The heat transfers are very high quality and stands up through dozens of washings without fading or chipping away.

Why choose heat transfer labels?

Some people worry about their customers cutting out labels with their branding on it. With heat transfers, your branding stays for dozens and dozens of washings and no one can rip it out! In addition, we have many customers using heat transfer labels to produce graphics and design on their clothing products.

Infant/Baby Clothes

If you are making baby clothes, especially for newborns, soft woven or printed labels could work very well and is often used. If you are really concerned about a label rubbing against an infant’s skin, then a heat transfer label is best.

If you really like the look of a woven label, you can put a heat transfer in the neck area and woven label on the outside trim.

Athletic Gear

For athletic gear or workout clothes, a woven label could potentially irritate someone’s skin during a lot of activity. Heat transfer labels would eliminate this problem and are very popular with athletic gear manufacturing.

Have different sizes (S,M,L) to place on the labels?

The downside to ordering heat transfer labels is splitting the order up between different sizes. Since these labels are silk screened and a plate is set up for each design, each size would be considered a whole new order. If your artwork has different sizes, talk to a sales rep to see what kind of price is offered.

Another option is purchasing heat transfers with the logo and buying separate, small, stock size tabs to sew on a top seam.

Turnaround Time and More

All of our printed labels use flexographic ink does not wash off or fade after only a few uses. There is a cheaper process called “hot stamping” and we do not use this process.